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Ariana Page Russell:
'My sensitive skin is my canvas': How one woman only has to touch her body to create intimate works of art

A woman has told how uses her rare and ‘embarrassing’ skin condition to produce intimate works of art.

Ariana Page Russell, 34, based in Brooklyn, New York, suffers from dermatographia which means when she rubs or scratches herself a red, swollen imprint is left on the spot.

In a bid to combat stigma, she started photographing the marks on her body - to date her images have been exhibited at galleries across the U.S.

She has since produced wallpaper, collage, video, and temporary tattoos inspired by her skin condition.

Last year she also launched a blog titled ‘dermatographism’ for other sufferers to share their own images and stories.

Concluding, she said: ‘Skin in general I think is really fascinating, it’s our largest organ… it keeps us alive.’

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